Typos Challenge!

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Typos Challenge!

Post by Nimrod » Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:56 am

Staff have been working very hard getting caught up on support tickets, petitions and typos. We've got everything whittled down and there are only 21 typos left in the queue.

I've challenged our staff to get these knocked down to zero as quickly as possible, so now I'm asking you to enter in to a friendly competition with our staff. I'd like you to submit typos where you can to try to keep ahead of them.

FYI - When you add a typo it adds to the top of the list, so our current typo reports are 1104 through 1125. So if you add one, it will bump it up to 1126 and so on. As long as their are typos in queue, it will keep adding numbers to the top.

Our goal is to get them ALL cleared out. Your goal is to keep them from dropping to zero.

FYI - Please don't create phony typos or use it to report code issues , it's intended to be for you to report spelling, grammar and other types of mistakes such as mis-linked rooms, etc...
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