Let's play Bloodsword?

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Let's play Bloodsword?

Post by seenmycorpseanywhere » Sat Dec 15, 2018 2:54 am

Hey, just throwing some feelers to see if there'd be people interested in playing through these books I recently found. It's the first two of a series of gamebooks in the style of Choose Your Own Adventure with dice for combat and tactical maps. Up to 4 characters can play in the same party, to be chosen among four classes (Warrior, Sage, Enchanter and Trickster). I'd do the storytelling part by copying the appropriate sections and rolling for the monsters during fights, while your voting would decide what the characters do, given the possible options the book offers.

The more characters there are in the party the weaker they are individually. I think it's definitely more fun to have a full array, though, but I'd also go with a smaller party if there's enough interest. Unfortunately we are limited to a single character per class.

The rules (the full book, actually) can be found in the link below. If you are planning to play don't be a cheat by flicking through the sections (;

http://lesterresdelegende.free.fr/L%27e ... sword1.pdf

Anyone tempted?

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