Updated: Shop Ownership and You

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Updated: Shop Ownership and You

Post by Uriel » Sun Sep 02, 2018 3:19 pm

A lot of people have expressed an interest recently on acquiring a shop for their PC and staff have outlined some of the new policies. Note: This is for a SHOP only. Stall rental is different.

To acquire a shop you must submit your desire to the IG board in the Artisan's Union. (You'll want to also send a ticket.) Leave any relevant information such as name, type of shop you want, any financial backers or notable members of the community willing to vouch for you.

Someone from the Union will contact you to discuss specifics and quote a price. Currently, we aren't building any new shops without a good reason but you might be able to take over an NPC or abandoned PC shop. The AU will no longer give loans. Once the price is quoted it is up to you to come up with the coin by whatever means.

You can submit your application (with a fee) to be reviewed by the Union after the location and price have been agreed upon. This process takes at least three IG months and the fee will prevent any other PCs from buying that shop while the Union finalizes their decision.

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