Clans in Utterby

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Clans in Utterby

Post by Bones » Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:16 am

Merchant Guard - Currently appear to be on patrol circuits, slaying wolves and being the general strapping young men and women that they are. Occasional drama, but it's amusing.

Union Shops - These vary, from group to group. 'Frightening' amounts of coin appear to in fact go towards paying back some fairly hefty loans, which appear to potentially peak at over ten thousand copper. Some of the players are a bit reclusive, but you can coax them out!

The Lodge - From what I've personally experienced, they're fairly up and on top of at least keeping basic goods stocked, with the various branches succeeding to varying degrees in better goods.

The Militia - Actually no information on this lot.

The Honey Hill Farms

Silverweed Infirmary - From what I can tell, this lot could use one (or five) good healers.. So you up and coming dead folk.. Go for it. Hirers healers.

The Ironwood Inn - Not sure what's going on here. An outside look in shows that care passes from hand to hand. Ragnar still rules supreme, one-armed and iron-fisted.

Silver Fox Hunting Company

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Re: Clans in Utterby

Post by Fearday » Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:29 am


The Silver Fox Hunting Company - As you can guess, it involves hunting and fishing and selling/trading these goods. Not sure if this is included with Union Shops, but it operates more like a traditional clan.