The Bastards Recruitment Post

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The Bastards Recruitment Post

Post by Faroukel » Fri Dec 01, 2017 10:35 am


Unique opportunities abound in Utterby right now.

One of which lies with the Bastards of Girion. Based out of the 'Hrid' galley, moored to the docks of Utterby, the Bastards are a loose clan of mercenaries, gypsies, sailors, drunks, brawlers, and outcasts (with a couple of nice folk for good measure).

Providing shelter, equipment, protection, and camaraderie (sort of), the BoG have a mixed reputation as adventurers and vagabonds, known to be part of the War against the Mountain, and for being occasionally at odds with the Law. They also tend to stick their noses into whatever plot is going on at the time.

There's a lot of individual freedom in the clan. With loose organization, there's room for pcs to take up a specific aspect of the clan and run their own specialized subset within the group.

Some potential is there for:
Dorwinians of a gypsy/pirate/sailor/merchant background
Information specialists (fancy way of saying spies)
Former criminals, exiled members of society
Mercenaries (scouts and warriors, the saltier the better)
Sour tradesfolk (the embittered carpenter, the drunken smith, anything that can of use on a ship with a preference for someone with a bit of grit)
Actors and Musicians
Layabouts and Neer'do'Wells. (casual players welcome)

Be warned that being a Bastard can come with a 'shady person' tag, and you may be reviled by specific quarters of society.

If interested, get in-game with your pc and just ask around. We aren't hard to find.
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