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Join the Easterlings

Post by seenmycorpseanywhere » Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:23 am

The horde woke long ago. It brought ruin to the Dorwinion. Its first tendrils reached the Vadok Mal.

We, the valiant from the tribes who went forward, have been dormant, we have been out of sight... yet deep within the Mirkwood a darkened heart, akin to a drum, has kept beating and beckoning us. Once again the word spreads all across the plains of Rhun, from the mountains to the river and beyond, and as far east as the Wilders and their dirty Kosen - Elders and Seers agree in their visions, and the time to march and great Glory has come.

Keep an eye always open to watch what your brothers and sisters may be up to, and keep your weapons sharp for the orcs or the pale faces from Utterby - we are not home here.

If you do not currently have a PC and want to try this out, you will find a handful of players eager to liven up this sphere. If you have an orc PC, or plan to have one, do join the party. All kinds of backgrounds are welcome. You can find plenty of documentation for them in the following link - it will be revamped soon, and updated with a couple more tribes. ... asterlings


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